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Bliss welcomes you to our communal experience, encouraging bikers to park up alongside buggies and dogs for your morning coffee. The café is renowned for a great atmosphere where people mix and mingle. We regularly have buskers, authors, artists in residence and exhibitions for those seeking inspiration from a creative space. Our concept of gifts, wellbeing products, coffee, T2 and food come together to celebrate a particular appreciation for an enjoyable lifestyle. Also a perfect place for you to grab a coffee on your afternoon stroll.


Our coffee-focused Café knows how to create an inviting space. We like to think that Bliss is like your “third home”. Bliss is about much more than just getting a much-missed coffee fix. It is the kind of place you can share stories, relax and enjoy a spirit of comradeship. Bliss is the type of business that is an essential part of what makes communities successful.

If you're old enough to remember the TV show Cheers, then you know the appeal of the place at the heart of the show – it was a place where everyone knew your name – Bliss is like that.

The décor with colourful tables and chairs and cozy nooks make for a relaxed space to call home. Friendly staff, great coffee and food – reasons why our clients linger a little longer and enjoy the atmosphere. Communal space where gifts, books, wellbeing products, plants and T2 can be purchased alongside coffee, food and coffee beans.

T2 Teas & Teaware

We sell T2 teas and teawares. A range of flavourful infusions, health promoting products and gift packs for those you know who love tea.

Tantilising flavours like Pumping Pomegranate or Packs a Peach. Health promoting teas like Tummy Tea and Sleep Tight plus all your traditional favourites like English Breakfast and Earl Grey. Everyone in the world drink tea – Tea is the great unifier. Aside from water, the humble beverage of tea is the most popular drink in the world.

When someone extends an invitation to share a cup, what they’re really offering is friendship. T2 believe in a world in which we all get along and that is much richer and more beautiful because of our differences, not in spite of them.

The whole leaf and nothing but the leaf T2 travel the earth to find the best quality tea to deliver a delicious cup. From leaf to cup, there are no shortcuts when it comes to delivering a top- quality drop time after time.

Like T2 teas, T2 people are a unique blend. T2 people are an eclectic bunch who celebrate, support and welcome people of all faiths, cultures, beliefs, gender identities, orientations and experiences.

T2 is also the responsible drink – T2 tea is now B Corp certified. Read about T2's B Corp Certification here.


At Bliss we source beautiful books with stories both inspirational and fictional. We spend many hours finding the right book for the right person to find and enjoy.

Books can take the reader on a compelling journey, can make a difference in people’s lives and can bring health benefits like relaxation and inner calm.

In our book/gift shop we have a comfy reading area and have many regular customers who enjoy writing and journaling in that space where they feel no pressure and can be creative, letting their mind drift. Alternatively we have our Gypsy Wagon where many people sit and write.


Selected gift ranges including the Natural Life range of Bandeaus, water bottles, flasks, car accessories and gift bags. Neve Candles, Meditation candles and their 12 ancient meditation oil, Perfect Potion range, Antler Apparel clothing, Nude Alchemist range including the very popular Teething Tamer, Tree Earring Bird Feeders and many more interesting giftware products.

Health & Wellbeing

With an extensive background in holistic healing, including Reiki, Reflexology and Nutritional Healthcare, Debbie can help you with any problems or questions you have. Debbie is also a Certified Herbalist and is introducing fresh and dried herbs at Bliss.

Customers can use the herbs in their cooking or with help and advice from Debbie can make their individual mix of herb tea for their wellness.

Antler Apparel

Handmade gear for babies and kids to keep warm outdoors. Great for hunting, fishing, adventuring and out on the farm. Inspired by her baby Lilly.

Farm Fresh Milk

Farm Fresh South Vending machine is now open at Bliss 60 Windsor Street.
You can fill your own clean bottles or purchase bottles onsite at Bliss café, gifts & wellbeing.
It will be open every day for you to get your whole pasteurised Farm Fresh South milk.
You need to make sure your bottles/containers are super clean when you refill. Hot soapy wash then rinse and leave upside down to dry (that’s important!!) So jump up on your roof and shout it out. Let the milk lovers know.
More info on their website here.

Your Hosts

Debbie and Garry both love biking on the bike trails, travelling, just going and finding new places to explore, getting away in our gypsy wagon and staying somewhere quiet and peaceful. Love bush and river walks. Love a good movie.

Garry loves motorbikes and music – hence we have buskers at Bliss most Saturdays.

Debbie loves her Health & Wellbeing – (that is why we are introducing fresh and dried herbs at Bliss – people will have the information about the herbs and they can make up their own mix for cooking, remedies or teas.)

Loves books - especially grandmas old recipe books

We both like creating a great experience for people – we love hearing laughter in the café.

We love the concept of gifts, healthy products, coffee, tea and foods coming together to celebrate a particular lifestyle.

We encourage bikes, buggies, dogs and fun people to stop by to enjoy our little respite from the world.

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